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Road Safety Education Program

The Road Safety Education Program takes the broad subject of driver's education and breaks it down in to 4 distinct phases that methodically guide you to being safe, responsible, courteous and independent drivers. The new approach, implemented January 17, 2010, is a minimum 13 month program and includes in-class theory, on-road practical instruction and self-learning. Register with us and study online.

Phase 1 establishes the profile of a safe, cooperative and responsible driver in 2 hours of in-class theory per week for 5 weeks. **Completing Phase 1 is the prerequisite to receiving your 1st Attestation and obtaining your Learner’s License at the SAAQ.

Phase 2 covers the basic maneuvers in driving, the OEA strategy (Observe Evaluate Act) and adopting safe and courteous behaviors, under mild road conditions.

Phase 3 provides an in-depth look at at-risk behaviors, complex maneuvers under varied conditions and cooperative driving behaviors.

Phase 4 places an emphasis on Eco driving, autonomous driving and preparation for the SAAQ road test.

**Completing Lesson 12, Eco Driving, makes you eligible to book your Knowledge Test at the SAAQ, given 10 months have passed since obtaining your Learner’s License.

**Completing Phase 4 makes you eligible to receive your 2nd Attestation and book your Driving Test at the SAAQ, given 12 months have passed since obtaining your Learner's License.

**Lesson 6 - Accompanied Driving: Parents, this is your chance to be a part of your teen’s driver’s education. In this class, the topic of Accompanied Driving is covered. Our instructors offer great tips and insights on how to effectively practice driving with the learners. Parents are encouraged to participate in this class. See our schedules for exact dates.

The Road Safety Education Program integrates theory and in-car training in sequence.
55 minute In-car sessions always begin with a briefing of the lesson plan or objectives and always end with a short review, feedback for the student and necessary steps for improvement.

**For those who currently hold a learner’s license in Quebec or have a file number at the SAAQ, the requirements in order to receive an attestation of course completion from a certified driving school consist of 12 hours of in-car practical lessons.

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